Imperii was born from a desire to communicate with the world.

We use ethical manufacturers to produce our garments and in most instances the final product is made to order.

The logo was created first. After a lifetime of playing with a compass to draw circles and shapes and patterns within those circles, it seems only natural the logo is the centre of 2 larger circles either side of a smaller one, creating a Venn diagram. It has become the intersection of all my ideas, passions and reasons to do what I do.

The name Imperii followed. For me, this is based on the Latin word; the notion of empire is more about an internal state ‘an empire of the heart’.

The body of Imperii is in Australia.
An infatuation with Japan, eastern philosophy and ‘the Way’ is the mind.
Tracing my roots to far north Italy I rediscovered the soul.

Ashley, Founder, Imperii